South Carolina LACA

South Carolina - Special Session Life at Conception Act

The Supreme Court has reversed Roe v. Wade. South Carolina must strengthen its laws to protect the preborn immediately — without exceptions. We’re activating students and supporters across the state to pass a strong Life at Conception Act NOW, so please add your name below to add your petition to the tidal wave hitting the legislature.

To: Governor Henry McMaster and my state legislators

WHEREAS: South Carolina has over 5,000 abortions annually, but elected officials are in session and can act quickly to pass strong protections for the preborn; and

WHEREAS: South Carolina has solid Republican majorities, who must immediately pass a Life at Conception act to create the strongest system possible to protect women and the preborn from the predatory abortion industry; and

WHEREAS: Now is the time to update South Carolina’s abortion laws and eliminate loopholes that leave many preborn babies unprotected; and

WHEREAS: Every abortions ends a unique human life, worthy of love and respect, and entitled to life and to be treated with dignity, regardless of the circumstances of conception; and

THEREFORE: We call on you, as our elected officials to end all abortions by passing a Life at Conception Act and oppose any effort or amendment to weaken it’s language with loopholes that leave classes of preborn babies unprotected.

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