Stop Abortions!

In the wake of Texas’s groundbreaking Heartbeat law, New Hampshire pro-life champion State Rep. Dave Testerman is introducing a Heartbeat bill. Students for Life is activating supporters of the preborn across New Hampshire to support this legislation, and we need your help!

Please sign your petition below to add it to the tidal wave hitting the legislature over the next few weeks.

Petition to my state representative, state senator, and Gov. Sununu to Support the Heartbeat Bill

WHEREAS: In a life and death situation, on the battlefield or in the ER, the one thing medical professionals check for to decide who to treat is a heartbeat. Yet, with such a strong sign of life, pre-born babies face death, and

WHEREAS: The people of New Hampshire oppose abortion-on-demand and want innocent human life to be protected, especially when it is most defenseless; and

WHEREAS: New Hampshire should lead the way and pass the strongest state laws outlawing the killing of preborn children and create the strongest system to protect women from the predatory abortion industry; and

THEREFORE: I urge you to help New Hampshire protect life by casting every vote for the Heartbeat Bill, and to do everything necessary to win final passage of strong, no-compromise legislation against abortion.

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