Michigan LACA Petition

Stop Abortions!

Students for Life has partnered with pro-life champion Representative Steve Carra to introduce groundbreaking legislation (HB 6270) combining our two flagship bills – a Life at Conception Act and a Chemical Abortion Ban together for the first time in your state of Michigan.

Together these bills represent the strongest legislative framework we can build to protect life in a post-Roe America. We’re activating supporters of the preborn to pass it, and we need your help!

Please sign your petition below to add it to the tidal wave hitting the legislature over the next few weeks.

Petition to the Michigan Legislature to Support HB 6270 the Protection at Conception Act

WHEREAS: In Michigan, we have over 30,000 abortions annually. Each of those abortions ended a unique human life, worthy of love and respect, and entitled to life and to be treated with dignity; and

WHEREAS: Over 50% of abortions nationwide now occur through Chemical Abortion drugs, dangerous to women and deadly to the preborn; and

WHEREAS: Michigan can lead the way by updating our existing Abortion Ban and also expressly banning deadly Chemical Abortion drugs, preventing them from being shipped anywhere, to strengthen our laws against the killing of ALL preborn children;

THEREFORE: I urge you to cast every vote to help Michigan end the predatory abortion industry by passing Rep. Carra’s HB 6270, the Protection At Conception Act, as written.

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