Stop Abortions!

Pro-abortion radicals in California are racing to make the state the most hostile to the pre-born nationwide — even legalizing killing of babies after they are born.

Students for Life Action is mobilizing to oppose this outrage. Please sign your petition below to add it to the tidal wave hitting the legislature over the next few weeks.

Petition to State Legislators to Oppose Infanticide in California

WHEREAS: Planned Parenthood and the California legislature have reached a new level of atrocity with AB 2223 that must be exposed, and

WHEREAS: AB 2223 would prevent anyone from being held criminally liable for a pregnancy outcome, even expressly legalizing the death of the baby after birth, thereby encouraging infanticide, and

WHEREAS: Such outright disregard for life should be offensive even to pro-choice Californians; and

THEREFORE: I urge you to help prevent California from becoming a mecca for post-birth killing of young children by voting against AB 2223, and do everything necessary to stop such legislation.

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